Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome To My Blog!

  Hello everybody!  Welcome to my blog.  People have been encouraging me to start up a blog for quite a while, so, *gulp*, here it is.
  The purpose of this blog is to try to bring to light all of the amazing music in this world.  I've seen those people who act as though if they only listened to appropriate music, they would have nothing to listen to.  I want to change that belief!  101 songs is just the first step.  Someday I hope to have hundreds of amazing songs that are really worth listening to.
  Now, as one girl can't possibly keep tabs on all of the best music, I would love any suggestions that you might have!  Please submit them through the "suggestions" tab.
  If you have any comments, or suggestions on how to help this site run smoothly, please let me know!
  So welcome to my blog and HAVE FUN! :)

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