Thursday, May 31, 2012

Naturally, by Selena Gomez

Do you know what I love even more than this song?  When I'm actually in the situation that it describes.  When I'm around someone that I can be totally natural and free with... Yeeeah, anyways, this is a really fun upbeat song that never fails to make me want to dance. :)  Have fun!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rocketeer, by Far East Movement

Rocketeer is a step away from the style I normally listen to, but I really like this song! :)  I have something to admit though... one of the lines is "stay fly like a G6", and up until I looked up the lyrics I could have sworn that it said "stay fly like a cheese-stick".  LOL.  Anyways, enjoy!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding Dress, by Taeyang

This is one of the saddest yet sweetest songs I've ever heard.  He never gets the chance to tell the girl how he feels, his best friend steals her heart, and they ask him to play the piano at the wedding...


Some say it's not over 'till it's over
Guess this is really over now
There's something I gotta say before I let you go

When you have a fight with him
Sometimes you cry
And feel sad and blue
I become hopeful
My heart aches secretly
Then just a hint of your smile
Can make me feel fine again
To keep you from figuring out how I feel about you
Cause then we would drift apart
I hold my breath, bite my lips
Oh, please leave him and come to me

Baby, please don't take his hand
Cause you should be my lady
I've been waiting for you for so long
Please look at me now

When the music starts
You will vow to spend 
The rest of your life with him
How I prayed every night
This day would never come

The wedding dress you're wearing
It's not me next to you
Oh, the wedding dress you're wearing, oh no

You never knew how I felt about you
And I hated you so 
Sometimes I wished you would be unhappy

Now I have no more tears left to cry
When I'm by myself I talk to you like you're here
I've felt so restless every night
Maybe I've known all along this would happen
I close my eyes and dream an endless dream
Please leave him and come to me

Baby, don't take his hand when he comes to you
Cause you should be my lady
I've been waiting for you for so long
Look at me now

When the music starts
You will vow to spend 
The rest of your life with him
How I prayed every night
This day would never come

The wedding dress you're wearing
It's not me next to you
Oh, the wedding dress you're wearing, oh no

Please be happy with him
So that I can forget you
Please forget how miserable I looked
It's going to be unbearably hard for me
For a long while to come

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Superman, by Five For Fighting

I love what this song is trying to say.  So many times we feel like too many people are depending on us to be strong when all we really want is the right to break down and cry. "Even heroes have the right to bleed..."  This song totally puts that to words, while being comforting at the same time.

Friday, May 18, 2012

One Thing, by One Direction

I'm trying really hard not to jump on the One Direction bandwagon... but these guys are good. ^-^  I love how clever some of the lines in this song are.  "Get out, get out, get out of my head, and fall into my arms instead..."  Check it out!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

For Lack Of A Better Title...

Blogs need to be full of personality.  That's what keeps people coming back for more, right?  I am still so new at blogging that it's been interesting trying to find the balance.  How to really pour yourself into your blog, while still staying safe online, and then making it appealing to your readers. I'm lucky 'cause my "readers" are mostly just listeners, lol. =)  But, any suggestions for how to add more of my own personal touch to 101 Good Songs?  In an attempt to be better at this, here are some things you probably didn't know about me.

1. I adore potatoes.  Seriously.  Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fried potatoes, french fries, cowboy fries, hash-browns, tater-tots, potato soup, cheesy potatoes, twice-baked potatoes, potato salad... all good things in life come from potatoes.

2. My favorite word is "idiosyncrasy".  Not only does it mean something interesting, it sounds dang awesome when you say it!

3. I can't actually whistle.  At all.  And it makes playing with dogs a lot harder than it should be...

4. My favorite game to play when on a long car trip is "Who Can Get the Most Weird Looks from People in Other Cars?"

5. I once yawned 135 times in an hour.  My brother lost that competition epically.

6. If I was stuck in the middle of nowhere and could only have one book/series, I would take The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien.  I think they should be required reading for every single person on earth.  Of course then we'd have to translate then in to a bunch of different languages, but... you get the point. =)

7.  My favorite smiley face is " ^-^ ".  It's so cute!

So that's a little bit more about me!  "TTFN, Ta-Ta For Now!"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Place In This World, by Taylor Swift

It's ironic really.  I love this song, yet I usually forget why I like it.  Today I felt like I should listen to it, and boy did I remember!  It's because of the lyrics.  This song is just exactly me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I See The Light, by Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi

Alright, I have a thing for soundtrack music... =)  But the vocals for this song are absolutely gorgeous.  I love how sweet and innocent this song is!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Insult or Accept? Ramblings of a Music Lover

  I feel sort of ramble-y today.  Consider yourself forewarned. =)  So anyways...   I was listening to music on YouTube and noticed some really rude comments on one of the videos.  It made me start to ponder two questions.
  First, why do some people feel the need to put down other people's music?  I mean really, all that says is, "I'm so insecure about my own tastes that I won't let other people enjoy themselves in peace." Then they go and try to use their insults as a way to promote their own favorites!  How many times have we heard, "Oh, that music totally stinks!  You should go listen to some REAL music, like _____ (insert whatever)."  Excuse me, you just insulted something I love.  You really expect me to turn around and give your opinions a try?  Somehow I don't think that's going to work out to well for you.  I find insults to be a very ineffective way of sharing your musical taste.  They just get everyone angry.  Which leads me into my second question.
  Why do people get SO defensive when someone insults their music?  You know that people are only trying to get a rise out of you.  But this is a hard one.  I find myself struggling with it quite frequently.  Maybe it's because the music we listen to is an integral part of ourselves.  An insult to our music would then be, by extension, an insult to us personally.  However, getting mad isn't going to solve the problem, because that's exactly what they want.  When this happens I just have to remind myself, "You know what?  If they want to diss my music, they can go ahead.  They're just missing out."
  Thinking about this and writing this post, I've come up with a conclusion that I didn't expect - I have work to do.  I need to be better at being more respectful of other people's music.  I think the solution to both questions lies in accepting the fact that all people are different and enjoy different things.  So live and let live.  What are your thoughts on this issue?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Forevermore, by David Archuleta

Happy David Archuleta Day everybody! =) Yes, May 9th really is David Archuleta Day.  Anyways, David was recently in the Philippines and while he was there he recorded an all-OPM Album. (OPM = Original Pinoy Music) Forevermore is the beautiful title track.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Longest Time, by Billy Joel

The other day I just started singing this song... I haven't listened to it in ages, and all of the sudden it's stuck in my head.  Definitely odd.  =) So I decided to post it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Test Drive, by John Powell

Okay, I will admit it right up front.  I ADORE the music from the movie "How To Train Your Dragon".  It is so... perfect.  Especially Test Drive.  I get chills every time I listen to this.  It makes me feel so free, so alive.  When I listen to this, I can fly!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Exciting Milestones!

   Exciting things have happened this week!  First of all, I am very happy to announce that this blog has reached over 1000 views!  Compared to some other blogs out there, it's not much, but it happens to be way more success than I initially planned on.  So I'm very happy!
   Secondly, 101 Good Songs was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by  Thanks girls!

   Along with the award they commented "An awesome blog to fit music of any taste." Yay for positive feedback!  I hope that this blog can continue to grow and expand, and thank you to all of you who take the time to read and listen to it. =)

Hello, by SHINee

"Hello, hello!"  Good morning world!  Here's a bright and cheery song to start your Saturday!  This is one of my favorites from SHINee.  Enjoy! :D

(Just in case you were wondering, SHINee is pronounced just like "shiny")

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Love You This Big, by Scotty McCreery

All I can say is "Aww!".  This is SO sweet.  "I might look a little silly, standing with my arms stretched open wide.  I love you this big..."  Slow and calming, this song is exactly what I needed today.  I hope you enjoy it!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Breakfast At Tiffany's, by Deep Blue Something

I am actually posting!  What a miracle.  I've been under the weather with a migraine, and my blog has suffered because of it.  But anyways, I'm finally back!  Today's song is Breakfast At Tiffany's, by Deep Blue Something. The lyrics have never made 100% sense to me, but that has never stopped me from singing along as loud as I can. :)  Give it a try, you might have some fun with this one!