Saturday, September 1, 2012

Exiting Stuff!!

I am so happy right now!!  I have good news galore. =D

1st - I gained three new followers!!  Welcome!  Followers always make my day.

2nd - We've surpassed 2,000 views!!  I never thought this blog would do so well so fast!

3rd - One of my amazing readers posted a couple of links to my blog on another very popular website, and those links have been bringing in TONS of viewers! Thank you thank you thank you. ♥

4th - Guess what happens when you Google "101 good songs"?  This blog comes up as the very first result!!  I am so speechless right now.  The last time I checked it didn't even show up in the first several pages of Google!  And now to be the top result?  I can't keep the smile off of my face!

To all my amazing readers/listeners, thank you SO much for everything. Without you this blog couldn't exist.  You rock!

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