About Me

  Hello!  Well... I'm Ariel.  And I LOVE music.  Music is huge to me because of the immense power it can have over us as human beings.  I've seen that power do amazing things, and do some not-so-great things as well.  Looking at the world around us, and some of the crap that people listen to just makes me sad!  When music glamorizes foul language and immorality, it's no wonder that those things are invading our society.  Sometimes it seems like there is no good music.  You turn on the radio and shut it right back off. Inappropriate music is socially acceptable, so what can we do?
  Well, that is the reason for this blog.  There IS good music in this world!  It just usually isn't as well known, and it can take some work to find.  I have been searching for good music for years, and one day it hit me, "Why don't I share what I've found?  I'm sure there are other people out there like me, people who aren't satisfied with just whatever is popular."  I was a little bit scared to start a blog, but I feel like this is important.  My hope is to gather a collection of clean, appropriate, and above all enjoyable music.  So welcome to my music blog!


  1. Hello Ariel :)

    I love your blog so much that I've nominated you for a versatile blogger award : http://therandomgirlies.blogspot.com/2012/05/versatile-blogger-award.html

    Good luck with your blog and keep on posting :)

  2. Hey Ariel!

    I'm in love with your blog. Since I'm only starting my very firt blog it was great motivation:)

    Keep up the awesome work!